T5 II True Wireless ANC - One Earphone is Unresponsive or Draining Quickly


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  • Lawrence Schapker
    Lawrence Schapker

    What did work:

    Cleaned contacts with QTip both bud and case.  Still took several tries and a little added pressure to get #2 to respond again.  But it's back up and running.

    What happened prior step:

    I caused this by pausing the set for conversation for an extended time (~2-3minutes)  

    when I unpaused, only #1 came back up.

    tried unpairing to mobile (android) and replacing in case

    Result: #2 unresponsive

    Looked online for solution.  Tried holding the button for timed 20 seconds and replacing in case.  

    Result: #2 unresponsive

    Husband suggested clean contacts with eraser.  

    Result: eraser didn't reach the recessed contacts

    Tried QTip with enough pressure to flatten the tip and after the manly push it regained life when replaced in case.

    Paired to mobile successfully!



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