The Fives - Virtual Remote and EQ Feature



  • Seth Roope
    Seth Roope

    This is great, thanks for the update. I’ve got a feature request for next update not sure if this is the right place… I would like to be able to adjust the balance from the EQ. My set up the right speaker is a little further away from listening position than the left and I’d like to be able to account for that. There is currently no way for me to do that in the app or otherwise. Sounds great as is but would be a nice feature and I imagine I’m not the only one looking for that kind of functionality. Keep up the great work!

  • Lee

    I believe tech support is aware of it, but a number of us have requested that the EQ settings be set so we can dial it in, and when we turn our smartphones and bluetooth OFF the settings we set will be retained in the Five's without having to once again fire up our smartphone, turn on bluetooth and open the program. This is a HUGE hassle and it should be that once one sets their settings it sticks in memory of the Fives. Please do this for us if you would. it would be so nice to just fire up my TV and have the HDMI start up the speakers properly EQ'd. No further messing around needed.


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