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  • Navins007

    I am big fan of Klipsch, currently I have RP 600, RP-404 C and 10 inch subwoofer.
    Looking forward to buy RF-7 iii speakers, is there a plan to eliminate screws which are visible around cone ? this will give speakers better look. 

  • Patrick

    The RF-7 III comes with a black grill that will cover the front of the speaker if you prefer that aesthetic. At this time, there is no current plan to update the RF-7 III.

  • Ibiza 4Ever
    Ibiza 4Ever

    I've recently purchased S 809 HCS for my family. I also bought S 606 HCS many years ago and still love it. But for the new S809 we found it a bit strange that their is no decor plate to cover the holes on top for the add on speakers :o somehow it breaks the incredible design. Is there any possibility for such a decor plate?


  • Diego Pazos
    Diego Pazos

    I have the Cinema 800 and given the convenience of the bar doing HDMI pass-through while it's off, it would be nice if audio wasn't lost in the process.

    If audio was relayed to the TV when the bar is off, we could use the TV's speakers to provide for a nice additional "night mode" option.

  • Patrick

    Since the Cinema 800 is designed to decode audio, it will only pass through video to the TV if you are connecting external devices through the bar. The Cinema 800 DOES have 3 seperate "Night" modes that will achieve what you are attempting.

    If you are interested in only using the bar sometimes, we recommend connecting your media device directly to the TV instead of through the bar. 

  • Michelle M.
    Michelle M.

    Currently it is not possible to disable the continuous flashing USB pairing light of the X12 neckband. But especially for the T5 one I am missing it as this LED is quite bright and might interfere at nights when e.g. driving in complete darkness.
    Would be great when for the next generation of neckbands this disable function would be added.

  • Martin Rose
    Martin Rose

    The LED lights on the T5 are extremely bright in dark rooms. Is there any way I can turn these off? If not, could it be a setting for a future app update? Currently I wouldnt be able to use them on long airplane flights (as they would disrupt passengers) or a variety of other situations with low light/dark settings.

  • Rick Cahoon
    Rick Cahoon

    Hello- Are there plans to allow the Three to use two of them to be front stereo speakers like another brand does? I would do this and it seems a firmware update could do this. Thanks

  • Diego Pazos
    Diego Pazos

    The Klipsch Connect app recently got a lot of new features for the Cinema 800, and while it's a really welcome improvement, the UI is all over the place.

    - Custom equalizer resets to flat levels if you select another preset and go back
    - No ability to adjust surround levels if using the Surround 3 with Cinema 800

    Redundant, inconsistent functionality access:
    - Equalizer settings accessible from 3 places (main screen, Remote, Settings)
    - Night Mode accessible from 2 places (main screen, Rremote)
    - Input accessible from 2 places (main screen, Remote)
    - Sub Level accessible from 2 places (Settings, Remote)
    - Two different help menus (main screen, hamburger menu)
    - "Display LED Brightness" found under "Sound Adjustments"

    My suggestions:
    - Remove the "Sound Adjustments" group from Settings, and move LED brightness into the remote.
    - Let the remote become the app's main screen, and move Settings and Help into the hamburger menu. Probably unifying Help, About and Support would be a good idea too.

  • Johnny

    Necesito 6 parlantes para sonido envolvente (tipo surround) tal como el S-20. Por asunto de diseño de la sala, los modelos como el RP-502s no se adecúa, ya que resultan ser muy altos en tamaño.

    Sí idealizo lo que necesito, el diseño del modelo del S-20 queda muy bien, la idea es que sean actualizados.Deben soportar un amplificador de 140 w.

    Los componentes para cada parlante:

    - 2 unidades de agudos (HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVER) tal como 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid. 
    Cross-Section Tractrix® Horn
    - Un woofer (LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER) de 5.25” Cerametallic Cone Wooferun woofer 

    Eso estaría muy bien. Para cuándo? ;)

  • Corey Butler
    Corey Butler

    In the soundbar market - Your competitors either already support, or like Sonos, are adding in DTS Support via Firmware updates.

    It would be support appreciated if you did the same, considering Disney is partnering with DTS for their new content.

    It's a huge market segment that Klipsch owners are completely missing out on.

  • Royce Gallardo
    Royce Gallardo

    It would be really awesome, if the app provided a way to locate an ear bud (or 2) if they were misplaced.

  • Ricardo

    Klipsch The Fives connect app

    -improve responsiveness, too slow

    -improve connectivity, it keeps getting disconnected every time that switch to music streaming services apps

    - add more sub controls in-app like disabling 80 hz crossover high-pass filter and also disabling the sub output.

    sub features are easy fix and would allow more convenience (no need to disconnect cable during late listening and allowing to use dynamic base independently

    example below

  • Daniel O'Leary
    Daniel O'Leary

    I have the Klispch Cinema 800 and have really been liking it.
    On major annoyance for me however is when you are streaming Spotify to the bar and you adjust the volume with the remote rather than via the phone it assumes you want to change inputs to the 'TV' . It should be very simple to change this behaviour with a software update.

  • Thomas Curiano
    Thomas Curiano

    Please add a PRO EQ to the Klipsch Connect app for the Fives! The 3 band is entirely insufficient. These speakers often sound as if they have NO TWEETER at all. I have been doing workarounds using better eq's playing music through my phone or desktop. But for TV use they are desperately in need of a major hi end boost and low end roll off. I bought them mostly for the HDMI ARC feature, but I don't use it now. I use an optical input combined with my LG TV's sound (which is far superior as far as overall frequency response goes). PLEASE update the app with AT LEAST a 10 band EQ. Preferably 20 or 30 band.

  • Dan Giandalia
    Dan Giandalia

    I recently purchased The Fives.  So far, I love them!  I usually only use the AUX input as I use various inputs from a submixer.  I would love it if the volume from the USB option controlled the volume for all other inputs.  What this would allow, would be controlling volume from my PC by controlling the playback device volume.  I've previously been doing this with other speakers that have USB and Line-in.  This way, I could still have it on AUX, but control the volume from peripherals on my PC instead of using a remote.


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