Identifying the ProMedia 2.1 System Components



  • T Jaymes Brown
    T Jaymes Brown

    The control pod light on this display is green. My control pod light is white. Is this common? This is the second set in two weeks I did not open it. I'm a disable vet trying to avoid having to pack up the first set. Please Help! This is my 4th or 5th set over the years

    T. Jaymes Brown

  • Patrick

    There have been many different versions of the ProMedia 2.1 over the years. To identify exactly which model you have, please reach out to Klipsch support with the serial number. For quickest contact, we recommend utilizing the "chat" feature:

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson

    T. Jaymes Brown,

    They have been shipping these out with white control pod lights for a few years now.


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