Care and Cleaning of Cornwall IV, and other Heritage line speakers.




  • Official comment

    Hello Todd,

    Great question! The answer is yes, direct sunlight over long periods of time can begin to "sun-bleach" the speakers. While we do not recommend any cleaning materials to combat this, we do recommend not placing them in direct sunlight. However, if you must, UV window treatments are the best route to go to preserve the speakers. 

  • Kyle

    Howards feed-n-wax my man, 10 bucks at Home Depot. Be sure their clean first,  take a cotton cloth, not very big, saturate the rag and start rubbing and it will come to ya. I cut up an old t-shirt, then when i'm done i put it in a zip lock bag, about once a month i get it out and wipe them down. If yours are dry it may take 2 or 3 coats before they stop sucking it up....Roost

  • Todd Herrington
    Todd Herrington

    Thanks for the feedback on care!  I like the feed-n-wax idea for now.  Eventually I may add UV treatment coating to the windows.  They are new double pane windows now but could probably still use more UV tweaking.  


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