Is it possible to connect klipsch fives with cinema 1200



  • Official comment

    The Fives speakers are not capable of connecting to the Cinema 1200 5.1 system. However, you should be able to adjust the audio mix within the Klipsch Connect app with the included EQ. 

  • Dan Teichmer
    Dan Teichmer

    I replaced my 'dolby atmos capable' soundbar subwoofer system with Fives and subwoofer.  For us, it was a huge improvement to get the physical left/right separation that a pair of speakers can provide.  The soundbar did not project enough left/right separation into the room.  Most of the content available is left/center/right, so the fancy atmos decoders really don't have that much to do.  I don't think we are missing much by setting aside the soundbar.  (my soundbar was brand 'Brand S' equivalent, not 'Brand K')

  • Darren

    I agree. I have the Cinema 1200 and The Fives. The Fives are superior in stereo separation and imaging. I also find that The Fives are much more dynamic.


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