The Fives - Connecting to a Computer



  • 3daysrisen stotts
    3daysrisen stotts

    Worse product ever made by once reliable company.  Bumping your laptop and they lose the pairing, that's unfinished product, shameful.  Just bumping the table it sits on.  Two different laptops same result.

  • Patrick

    Our sincerest apologies you are having these connectivity issues with The Fives. If you haven't already, try to perform a Software Update on these speakers: 

    If this does not immediately resolve your issue, please reach out to Klipsch Support for direct assistance. For fastest service, we recommend using the "Chat" function: 

  • Vignesh Karthikeyan
    Vignesh Karthikeyan

    Don't listen to this guy. It's a solid product and i can't emphasize enough without name dropping.


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